Friday, January 11, 2013

A Cute Story

Last night my son said the cutest thing.  I wanted to record it.  My Catholic friends will appreciate this.

Growing up, any time any of us lost anything, the very first thing my mom would do is say a prayer to St. Anthony.  I have been known to be somewhat,well, "forgetful", so there were lots of prayers initiated on my behalf over the years.  Even as an adult, this continues.  I called my mom once in a panic because I couldn't find my engagement ring.  I was trying to tell her what I thought had happened, but before she could even hear the story she stopped me to say a prayer to St. Anthony (and wouldn't you know it, that ring showed back up shortly after).  Unfortunately, over the years, I have not out grown my "forgetfulness", so the St. Anthony prayer is said a lot in this house. My kids are very familiar with prayers to St. Anthony.  When my second born lost his beloved blankie, we all stopped for a quick prayer to St. Anthony, and soon enough blankie was found.  When my oldest had to pick a Saint for a school project, it was no surprise he chose St. Anthony.

OK, so to the point.  Last night, I was putting #2 son to bed.  Here is our conversation:
#2:  "Mom, I know!  We need to say a prayer to St. Anthony for our sister, because he is the finder of lost things".
Me:  "That is a great idea"
#2:   He recites his prayer, "Dear St .Anthony, please come around.  Something is lost that can't be found."  Then he adds:  "It is our Mei Mei in China".

Feeling satisfied, he rolled over to go to bed.

C'mon St. Anthony ..... work your magic!!


  1. Aww, that is adorable!! Continuing to pray for your family...can't wait for the post where St.Anthony found your little girl$:-)

  2. Oops...don't know why there is a dollar sign...I'm on my phone!

  3. Oh the faith of little children! love it!

  4. That's the sweetest thing ever. Brought a little tear to my eye! And what a lucky mei mei it will be to have a big brother that loved her SO much long before she came.

  5. Awwww that is precious!!! Here's hoping mei mei is found VERY soon!!!! :)

  6. Wow! This was beautifully said. How true it is. All the hopes and dreams are exactly the same. All the ups and downs are close to the same. And, in the end, all the love is precisely the same!