Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We have had a great day today.

When Vivi woke up this morning she was sad but did not cry like yesterday.  She was still clinging to me but was not as upset when Rob took her.  When I get ready in the morning he takes her and walks her around the hotel.  She cries at first, but once she doesn't see me for a few minutes, she settles in and does fine with Rob.

After breakfast we decided to take a walk to the park.  We wanted to see more of the sights and sounds of Nanning.

that is our hotel in the distance

The park was a great idea.  At first, Vivian was hesitant.  I got her to swing with me and she seemed OK with that

Then we had our first major breakthrough.  We got her to stand!!  This girl has not put weight on her legs since the day we got her, and so we were so excited to see her standing!  She was a little wobbly at first...

  but then was fine on her own

Then, SHE STARTED WALKING!!! And let me tell you, she didn't stop for almost an hour after she started!!  Rob and I are convinced that Vivian is missing her friends from the orphanage.  Every time she saw a child she would walk right up to them.  We felt like it was almost as if she was looking for someone she knew.

walking ALL over the park

She was enjoying herself at the park and I was able to snap some cute pictures

We were on such a roll that when we got back to the hotel we decided to give the pool a try.  She didn't love it, but she didn't hate it either

Back to the room for lunch.  During lunch we noticed she was being much more animated than usual.  She was raising her eyebrows at her food, looking toward the food she wanted and just interacting more with us (in a non-verbal way) than she has yet.

Then, it happened.  I was playing "Patty cakes" with her feet when all of the sudden.....SHE SMILED!!!!! She is SO cute when she smiles!!! She gave us a few:)

Rob and I are both expecting to take a few steps backwards tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will be going back to Vivian's orphanage. We feel it is important to go visit, even if it sets her back.  We want to see where she spent the first 2 1/2 years of her life, and more importantly, we think SHE will want to see one day.  We want more of a chance to thank her caregivers for taking such good care of her.  We will have the opportunity to visit her "finding spot" (the place she was abandoned) and I'm sure the day is going to be hard and emotional for us all.  We are headed out this afternoon to collect the items the orphanage has requested for our donations.  They are in need of toys for the older children.  Sadly, there are evidently a number of older kids in the orphanage.  We are so happy to be able to do this for them, as they have much less of a chance than the young babies to be adopted.  Thanks again to everyone who donated.  OK, we'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Maureen, she's just beautiful! I'm so happy to see her precious smile. Good luck at the orphanage today.
    Nikki (Kim's friend in Columbia)

  2. What a sweet smile she has!! Just adorable.

  3. Maureen,
    Congratulations on getting your precious little one. Just want to encourage you that each day, week, month gets easier. Mia grieved very very bad and she was extremely attached to my husband. When he had to go back to work it was HARD. She screamed everyday all day long. I would just sit and hold her against me for however long it took for her to settle down and then she would be okay for a bit and then we would start all over. When we were in the midst of it, it was hard. We went into it expecting any possibility but it doesn't take away the hurt they have or you have watching them grieve. We will be praying for yall and for Vivian. Through this adoption it really brought us even closer to God and gave us such understanding how we reject him and how it must break his heart. All to say it has been one amazing journey and God is so good. Mia has been like watching a flower bloom and it has been so Awesome to watch and we marvel at how God has blessed us through our precious girl. She is truly a Gift from him and we are looking forward to adding another gift to our family. If you need to talk email me and I can give you my phone number. We can pray or if you just need to cry. Blessings to you and your family. And praise the one above for one less orphan. :)

  4. LOVE this post and photos. Vivian is just soooo precious! Glad to see the good progress and that you are willing to go to the orphanage knowing it may be difficult. May you all be able to find answers, spend good time with her caregivers and friends, and find peace there. Many blessing to your beautiful family, Cathy

  5. I love her smile. So precious. Day 3 was a huge turning point for us as well and each day after just got better. Will be praying for your orphanage visit. She is too cute in her bathing suit and swim cap!!!

  6. She is so precious!! We just adopted this past November and our daughter grieved in China too; it is very hard. Hugs to you, Mama! I am so encouraged by her progress today with standing and smiling, etc!! You will be AMAZED at her transformation over the coming months. You will be blessed--through the hard and the joy-filled moments. Adoption is the best thing we have ever done . . . but it has not been an easy road!! WIll pray for you as you bond and transition. God is so faithful and He is not going to abandon you now, but will keep giving you what you need each day.

  7. Beautiful smile!!! I love your true heart felt post. And, I love seeing Vivian bloom under your guys love.

  8. Love it! What a cutie she is!! I can't wait to hear about the orphanage visit and also see her amazing transformation in the days ahead!!

  9. Congratulations!!!! Your sweet Vivian is absolutely beautiful and I love her smile. I am SO glad you commented today so that I could come catch up on your trip:) I am loving it.