Monday, May 27, 2013

Almost there {waiting on TA}

We have been staying busy these last few weeks completing the final steps of our adoption paperwork.

We received our I-800 approval.

We applied for and received our Visas.

We applied for a Visa for Vivian.

We received our NVC letter and our paperwork was delivered to the US Consulate in Guangzhou.

Mixed emotions reading the words to this letter

We began our immunizations for our trip.

5 shots each!!

We I have done some shopping for Vivi.

And last week our final piece of paperwork (our Article 5) was picked up from the US Consulate in Guangzhou and sent to the CCCWA in Beijing. Once the CCCWA receives our Article 5 they can issue us our Travel Approval (TA), which is our invitation from China to come and get Vivian!   TA's are typically issued about 2-4 weeks after Article 5 pick up.

So now we wait and pack and make lists and make plans for the kids and cross our fingers for a quick TA.

We are almost there!


  1. I get chills reading all of that!! So excited for you and CAN'T wait for Vivian to be in your arms.

  2. sooooooooooooooooooo wonderful. Got our LOA yesterday!!! Wish we would be in China together but you have a blast and we won't be far behind ;)

  3. We are right there with you, waiting on TA. I believe we have been waiting a week now. I know you are super excited! Maybe we will see you in China...