Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just one of the guys

As I was going through and organizing some pictures the other night, I noticed how many pictures I have of Vivian playing with the boys.  And not just my boys -- other boys.  Yes, she and Kate spend the majority of the time together.  Their relationship has really grown and I need to do a separate blog post about that.  However, Vivian really, really enjoys hanging with the boys and their friends.  And the sweetest part about it?

The boys seem to love it too.

I love my kids' friends.  They both have really great friends.  From the day we brought Vivian home, their friends have been interested in her and incredibly sweet to her.

These are the boys we carpool with.  Vivian loves them.  This was one of the first times Vivian was in the car and I yelled into  the back of the car for someone to help get Vivian out

Enjoying some baseball at the park with the boys.

This is one morning when my oldest had his best friend spend the night.  Very sweet that two 5th grade boys spent their morning trying to teach Vivian how to catch. 

We have great neighbors and our neighbors have great kids.  There is a really fun group of boys that congregate at our house many afternoons to play football or basketball. 

Vivian used to hang inside with me, but over time she has gotten more and more used to this crowd and now she thinks she is one of them.  They include her and let her run around with them and it is very sweet.
 These days, whatever the boys and their friends are doing....Vivian must do also.

Earlier this week we had snow!!  The kids were out of school and had a blast playing and sledding. Vivian loved it.   She was out there all morning, hanging with the boys, of course.

But, at the end of the day, as much as she may like the boys hanging around our house, her three favorite boys are still the ones she lives with. 

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  1. So sweet! Our newbie loves her brothers too, but not her sister so much! I am praying that will change. Sister loves miss Avery, but is having a hard time sharing toys. Asked the social worker tonight how long she thought it would take before things settled down and she said could take years. Not the news I was hoping for!