Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mei Mei has been found!

We have our Mei Mei!!!!!!

Can you believe it??!! Almost exactly one year from the day we sent in our adoption application, we have our girl! We are thrilled.  The kids are so excited.  Our families are happy.  It is just a surreal feeling right now.

I have so much to say.  I have so many emotions to try and put into words.  But I just can't.  Not yet.  All I can say is that I feel incredibly humbled to be given the gift of this precious child.

We received the call on Monday night.  On Wednesday morning we submitted our Letter Of Intent to adopt her.  On Thursday it was delivered to China, and on Friday we were given Pre-Approval.  It has been a whirlwind...stressful, terrifying, exciting, overwhelming, awesome, and exhausting.  We feel 100% sure she is our girl and we absolutely can't wait to bring her home and put a smile on her face!

I will get myself together soon and post more details.  But, for now, I just want to introduce you to our sweetie.  She is 2 1/2 years old and is living in the Beiliu Social Welfare Institute in Guangxi, China.

She does not have a name yet! You would think that, given the fact I have been dreaming of this day for 2 years, we might have  a name ready.  But,we don't.  We are working on it.

We do know one name she will not ever be called again:  orphan.

She is now a cousin, niece, granddaughter, sister.

She is a daughter.

I have another daughter.  I seriously can't say it enough.

Here, finally, is our Mei Mei...

"Do you want to do something beautiful for God? There is a person that needs you.
This is your chance."

-Mother Teresa 


  1. Awww...Congratulations!!! I have goosebumps :) I'm so happy for your family. She is beautiful and I can't wait to see pics with a big smile on her face!!

  2. Congratulations to your family! Your daughter is beautiful!

  3. Blessings for you both - you the family, to the daughter to come. May that picture soon be replaced with one of the smile of a daughter home.

  4. Congratulations!!! The joy she will bring to you is one that your heart has never known. Look forward to seeing the great adventure the Lord has set out for you! She is precious!!

  5. I am beyond thrilled for you! OVER THE MOON!
    And she really is a beauty. Cheeks to die for.

  6. Congratulations! Beautiful will be amazed at the light in her eyes she has once she is with her forever family. So exciting....soak it all in!

  7. So thrilled for your joyful news! Enjoy this amazing Journey it really does rock! Kelly

  8. I keep checking in looking at her adorable picture!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kelly

  9. That's so awesome!! I had a good feeling that you guys were going to find her off the list this time around! :) Yea!!! We got PA for our son last week, so I know your kiddos must be ridiculously excited like our daughter is! :) Its a great feeling, isn't it? She is beautiful and a lucky little girl to have a family! Fingers crossed for fast LOA!!! Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations!!! So happy for you all!