Sunday, June 23, 2013

Orphanage Donations

It is hard to believe we are just about a week away from meeting Vivian.  Time is flying by as we run around trying to get everything ready to go.  We leave Thursday morning.  I will post more details of our schedule in my next post.

I get asked all the time by people, "what can I do to help you?"  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such a caring and supportive community of family, friends and neighbors.  So many people who want to do something for us, and we greatly appreciate it.  I haven't ever had a good answer to that question until now.

I contacted our adoption agency a few weeks ago asking if Rob and I could bring some donations (toys, medicine, etc) for Vivian's orphanage with us.  We have not been able to get a whole lot of information or pictures of Vivian's orphanage. I have found a few online and have been sent a few from families who have been there to adopt.

We believe Vivian lives on the 2nd or 3rd floor of this building
Another view

One of the rooms
Vivian in one of her referral pictures with some toys

Our agency explained to us that the orphanage would prefer, instead of us bringing items with us, that we bring money and purchase items for the orphanage in China.  Evidently our guide will be working with us to help us shop for their specific requests.

Rob and I would love to buy the orphanage every single thing it needs.  But, we can't do that on our own.  With some help, maybe we can manage to get a nice amount of supplies to donate to them.

If you are interested in donating, please click on our link below.

Rob and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  This money will go to help those who need it the most:  the children who are left behind.

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  1. I donated a little extra I have this month. Not much but every little bit helps. Thank you for doing it for the least of these.