Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ballet, Preschool and 6 months together

It was a BIG week for Miss Vivian.  On Monday, she started ballet!  She was so excited for it and she did great. She was not quite so sure about it when she first went in, but luckily she could see me the entire time and she really got into it as the class went on.  It was so cute!!

Her class was in the morning and Kate had her class later that afternoon, after school.  When it was time for Kate to get ready Vivian insisted on puttting back on her ballet clothes and wanted to go again.
daddy with his ballerinas
Then on Thursday she had  her next big adventure:  PRESCHOOL!!!!  Yep, Vivian started school.
Rob and I decided a few weeks ago that we felt Vivian might be ready to try preschool. We have a preschool that we love.  It is the sweetest little school.  All 3 of my older children went to this school and I ADORE every teacher there and had complete confidence they would love and take care of Vivian.  Before enrolling her, I met with the director to discuss my concerns about sending her, and I took Vivian to visit the class she would be in.  After doing this, Rob and I felt she was ready to give it a try. We decided to sign her up for 2 days a week and see what happens.  We have been talking up school around here and when she woke up Thursday morning she was pretty excited to go.


The drop off went about as you would expect.  She cried.  But, I got a text shortly after from her teacher saying she was not crying anymore and was playing.  She sent me this picture

I picked her up early and while she cried when she saw me, she has been totally happy since and smiling and nodding when I ask her about her day.  When we picked up her siblings from school she kept telling them, "school", "school" and pointing to herself.  She seemed pretty proud of herself.  HOPEFULLY things will continue to go well. I really think being in preschool will benefit her in so many ways. 

We're pretty proud of all the new experiences she took on this week.  She's pretty awesome.

January marks 6 months that we have had Vivian.  In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday we were meeting in that hotel in China, but in other ways that seems like it was a lifetime ago.  It has been a life-changing 6 months for all of us.  A few nights ago Rob was getting the kids ready for bed and they were all playing and he told me our oldest commented, "For a minute I forgot Vivian was adopted".  Of course we never want to "forget", but I think he was verbalizing that feeling we all have that it is getting harder and harder to remember a time that she wasn't here. 

Happy 6 months sweet girl.


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  1. Sooo adorable - especially love that last photo - she looks so content and confident!

  2. I'm so proud of Vivi!!! What a big day for a big girl! LOVE the last pic!

  3. Oh so Sweet!!!! Vivian has traveled LIGHTYEARS in the past 6 months. Truly amazing!

  4. She looks super adorable, especially with that tutu on her! Nice photos.

    The Loquacious Square

  5. Vivian is a sweetheart!! Happy 6 months with her, definitely a milestone!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog btw.

  6. Oh girl, It is amazing what Love can do. She is just adorable!!!! Just wanted to tell you I am posting about a blog post you did. God used it to break our hearts for the older child. We had started the adoption process already, but put our age parameters on it. It was 0-6, but God new when I got an email from an advocacy site and it had my sweet Cora on there and she is nine. Thank you for being a vessel in God's plan for our family. :) Love from Texas

  7. Vivian is such an adorable kid, Maureen. You're lucky to have her in your family, as much as she's lucky to have your family to call her own. I believe you still have more years to come, and I hope you'll treasure all your moments with her. By the way, you have an inspiring family! :)

    Sandra Walker @

  8. She is beautiful! I've loved spending the last day reading your family's story. We are in the process of adopting a little girl from China (she has a severe heart defect and Down syndrome). Thanks for sharing!