Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our not-so-happy New Year

2013 did not end up the way we would've liked.

After a very merry Christmas, Vivian got sick.  Last weekend we took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with an ear infection and the flu.

Things went downhill quickly from there. She was MISERABLE all weekend and by Monday evening we were headed to the ER because she was having a lot of difficulty breathing and running a very high fever.  After being evaluated by the doctors  and having a chest xray, she was  diagnosed with pneumonia.  We waited  from 10:00 pm until 4:00 am in the ER

not happy to see my girl in a hospital gown again

And then by 5:00 am Monday morning, after her oxygen levels dropped very low, we were admitted to the hospital

It was awful. Vivian was so sick and so pitiful.  She was put on oxygen and it took 3 tries to get an IV in. 

Hearing the news that Vivian was admitted, my parents (who had JUST returned home to Florida) got in the car and drove back up to help.  They went back and forth between supporting me at the hospital and helping Rob take care of the other kids and try to get some work done.  It was very helpful and reassuring to have them here.

It was a very long week. Vivian was scared and would not let me out of her sight.  She cried if I went to the bathroom (in our room) and cried when I tried to sleep on the "daybed" provided by the hospital.  Needless to say, sleeping in the hospital bed with her for several nights did not allow me much sleep. 

I did not even step foot out of the hospital room until the 3rd day, when I was close to losing my mind being cooped up in that room.  But, the kids came to visit several times and that helped and we had excellent care (again) by all of the doctors and nurses. 


Finally she turned a corner and we were allowed to come home.

Vivi and my dad at the EXIT!!

I was very bummed our xmas vacation ended this way.  I had great ideas of some fun things I wanted to do with my kids this week while they were still out of school, none of which ended up happening. Thanks to my mom and sister they got to do some fun activities, but we weren't all together.  Also, we ended up missing two parties I was really looking forward to, and last night we were supposed to be hosting friends for the Clemson bowl game (WHAT A GAME!) but had to cancel.  Given I am lacking in social activities these days, I was feeling pretty down about missing all of this.  On top of all of that, I am now sick and feeling  miserable.

BUT, I can end on a positive note b/c the cutest thing happened last night.  I made some soup for Vivi and I.  I finished mine and put my head down on the table b/c I was feeling bad.  She pulled my bowl over to hers and spooned out all of her soup into my bowl and pushed it back over to me.   Then, the blanket I had around me fell and so she hopped down, got the blanket and put it back on me.  It was so sweet:)  I like to think that, after taking care of her,  she was trying to take care of me.

"All the children who are held and loved will know how to love others….. - Meng Zi,


  1. oh my not fun at all!!! I'm so sorry! Bless her heart and yours, no wonder you are sick too. I too thought I would lose my mind when Janie was in the hospital in Cincinnati, hospitals are hard enough but when your child is so frightened of being away from Mommy it brings a whole new dimension does it not???? whew is all I can say, thankfully she is better and you can move on......Hoping this new year brings her confidence and security!!:)

  2. Yes, the sickness has been going around. I was so sick that I ended up in the ER and didn't think they would let me on the plane to China. Thankfully, the medicine kicked in and we made it here. Tomorrow is gotcha day! So sorry miss Vivian was so sick, but thankful that you were able to get medical attention and that your family was able to help out! What a blessing!

  3. Sorry to hear what happened - it's always tough when they are sick and being in a hospital (and scared) - but glad she is doing better. You two really have a special bond! Hope you feel better soon and can all have special family fun times again.

  4. Praying you are all healthy soon! The little story of vivi sharing her soup is so precious!

  5. So praying for that Baby Girl. How wonderful she gave you her precious soup,considering what food has meant to her, makes it such an incredibly generous gift. All of your children seem genuinely amazing, your older little girl what a sweet face and the older brothers, all I can say is how Blessed you are.

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  7. Hi. Just came upon your story and wanted to say how much I appreciate the full account of adoption. This is something my husband and I have discussed and "seeing" hour journey has made it so much more manageable and real.
    Thank you! Really, THANK YOU.