Friday, August 16, 2013

A week in pictures (LOTS of them)

I am working on a few blog posts (mostly in my head right now) that are kind of "wordy".  It is going to take me a few days to get them together, so for now I am going to do an update that is short on words and heavy on pictures.  We have had another great week with Vivian.  A few things to note:

She really loves the pool.  Yes, the girl who hardly wanted to get in while we were in China and first home, now loves going to the pool.  She puts her puddle jumpers on and goes in by herself

She has started to settle down with her eating.  She is not crying any more when we take her food away, and now hands me her plate when she is done and says, "all done".  She is still trying all kinds of new foods and now has taken to helping herself to the pantry when she wants a snack!!  She is also beginning to sign and say "more".

She experienced two of my least favorite things to do this week:  shop at Costco (BTW, this picture was taken right after church.  We do NOT roll around town in collared shirts and fancy dresses)

and play at Chuck-E-Cheese.  She didn't quite get the concept of rolling the ball....

She is developing quite the bond with her oldest brother and oldest cousin.  The older ones seem to understand Vivian the most. They are mature enough to give her the space she needs; confident enough to not have their feelings hurt when she is not "in the mood"; and patient enough to stick with her in the good moments and the bad.  And all of this is paying off.  She really loves them.  And the sweetest part is:  they really love her.  They are both 10 years old and have all kinds of things they could choose to do with their time every day.  And yet they choose to spend their time being servants to an almost 3 year old.  Any time they are around you see Vivian with her pointer finger out ordering them around.  They will do ANYTHING for her.  They are making their parents so proud.

The other day they abandoned all ipads, ipods and TV when Vivian pointed to outside. They took her out and played with her for over an hour.  I followed them around with my camera


This is one of the amazing things about adoption.  You get a front row seat to see how love can transform the life of a child who never knew love.  BUT, you also get to see how giving that love can transform the lives of those who give it.

And just in case there weren't enough pictures for you so far, two more favorites from the week

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  1. I found your blog through The Long Road to China. You have such a beautiful family!

  2. Just found you through Lisa! I can't wait to go back over your old post and read your journey to your baby. She is darling! We are also in the process of adopting. Still waiting for our referral.

  3. Now that I am a grandma of a 20 month old grandson, posts like these just make my heart fill with joy. Gorgeous.

  4. I am loving reading your updates! Brings me right back to when we got home with Wesleigh. Looks like Vivian is doing amazing!!! Love all of these pictures :)